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The City Traffic is now available in Google Play Store!!

Here comes a new and exciting endless casual traffic game "The City Traffic".
Be a traffic enforcer of your city.

Your mission is to guide the cars to reach their destination safely and help people to cross the road without being hit by the vehicles.

You have to also make sure that the cars won't crash, all you have to do is to tap the traffic lights, to stop or resume moving. Tap the controls to get points for safely crossing the intersection. Each wheels cross the junction will give you 10 bonus points and in every pedestrians that crosses smoothly will give you 5 bonus points. If car crashes or pedestrian collided, you lose the game.

Sounds easy right?

Be reminded that pedestrian is only limited to 10 slots and auto is limited to 5 cars.
Don't exceed to the given numbers.

Good luck!

We dare you to play the city traffic.

Have fun and don't panic in enforcing traffic rules.

Don't fail your city. Enjoy and be one of the thousands of addicted players of this game.

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Can I ask for source code ?