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The Philippines is in a doomy situation and would never be able to advance unless a good leader takes control.

What the country needs is not more laws but more good men in public service.

Join Super Duterte to chase dozens of criminals, terrorist and robbers. Help him to save innocent civilian,( Senyora Santibanez ).

Your goal is to help Super Duterte to eliminate his opponents, defeating the enemy as quickly as possible.
Criminals have no place in this city except jails, detention centers and funeral parlors.

Feel the power and strength in controlling joystick and attack button to release Super Duterte's shield.
You may dodge bullets.

Are you ready to prove your unconditional support for Super Duterte?

Get ready from some heroic change!
Blast hoodlums, fight as if there were no tomorrow.

Bring the villains to Super Duterte justice!

Enjoy this fun and addicting endless action game.

Have Fun!!


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